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Parents and Community Equals Educational Success

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The Mississippi Higher Education Initiative (MS-HEI) initially awarded a $10,000 Access to Higher Education grant to the Kemper County Economic Development Agency for use in the 2009-2010 school year.  Funding is used for an education attainment program that will help students at Kemper County High School plan and prepare for college. We had a very successful first two years and accomplished all goals that were set for the PACES Project. Kemper County’s PACES Program was cited by Mississippi State University (MSU) as being a “Best Practices” model project and our team was asked to participate in workshops sponsored by MSU and The Appalachian Higher Education Network (AHEN)We are excited about beginning the 2011 - 2012 activities.

New doors to the future will open for students in Kemper County.” Kemper County’s PACES Project, exists to stimulate partnerships between the school district, community leaders, business leaders, parents and students.  The endeavors of PACES is overseen by a 16 member advisory board that includes local government officials, business leaders, parents, and school officials. Activities under the grant will include:

 College campus visits

 Required Community Support Activities

 On site ACT college prep seminars

 College day programs and rallies. 

 Cash and Prize Incentive program

 Web site and a traditional info bulletin board

MS-HEI is a partnership between Mississippi State University and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) working to raise the educational attainment of the Mississippi Appalachian Region.  


B. "Joe" Hulin

Kemper County Economic Development Authority

PACES Project Coordinator

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